In 2021 we brewed around 275 000 liters, focusing on Nordic Sours and IPA’s. Now in 2022 as our brewery has moved to Viikki we will again start producing more high ABV beers as we can sell them directly from our Brewery Shop. 

CoolHead is all about the Nordic and exotic clashing. In our beers you can taste the clean, crisp and minimalistic notes resembling the Nordic nature, but also the fresh, colourful and exciting taste of the tropics.

We brew beers that have clear, distinct flavours. Beers like Salted Licorice Raspberry Sour, Naked Sauna Sour and Haziness – our promise is that they taste as they’re named.

Where can I find them?

Our beers are in nationwide distribution throughout the country. In addition to bars and restaurants you can find us from select Kesko and SOK supermarkets. If your favorite supermarket is missing our beers, you can request them for example using the links below:


Korttelitoive / Alepa


The best place to buy our products is of course right from the source – our Brewery Shop in Viikki is open 7 days a week. You can check out our selection and preorder beers for pickup from here!


Our Brewery has moved from Tuusula to Helsinki

Our brewery is located in Viikki, at the heart of Helsinki. The complex is a unique 1500 m2 glass building that used to serve as a tropical greenhouse. In addition to the actual brewery, the building houses our offices as well as the CoolHead Taproom and our Brewery Shop. 

Our brewery was originally located in Tuusula but in 2019 we started looking for a new home as we started to run out of space. In 2020 we announced that we would be moving to Viikki and the whole year 2021 went into renovating the space to perfectly suit brewing. 

We tore down the old floor and built a new bespoke one capable of withstanding the weight of the tanks. We fixed up and optimized plumbing and electricity. We also ordered a state of the art unique new brewhouse from ANT Systems built specifically for our needs – details on this below!

In December 2021 we moved our fermentation tanks and other brewing equipment from Tuusula to Viikki and brewed our first beer in our new premises. In February 2022 we released the first beer brewed in Viikki – Heart Stone 6,5% IPA. As the beers have been brewed in Viikki, we can sell also our over 5,5% beers there!

Our Brewhouse

Brewing a beer starts with mixing malts and water, mashing and boiling it into a wort. Our new brewhouse is a 3000l system custom made for us by ANT Systems. The system uses steam and reuses a lot of the energy and water that was released / wasted with our old brewhouse.  Some of the mechanics that used to be manual are now automated, meaning our brewers can concentrate on the actual beer.

The modern brewhouse is comprised of five huge kettles / tanks. The wort flows through and undergoes various stages in the mashtun, lauter, kettle, and whirlpool. A hot liquor tank supports the process.


After the beer has been brewed it needs to ferment for a few weeks. We have a total of 17 fermentation tanks ranging from 200l to 8000l. We brew a lot of small batches and experimental one off releases in our smaller tanks, whereas the bigger ones are reserved for the most popular beers found from supermarket shelves.  


Once the beer has fermented it’s cleared for packaging. Depending on the beer we either package it into kegs, cans or both. At the very moment we package up to 70% of our beers in cans but once the pandemic eases we expect the demand in restaurants significantly grow and the balance between kegging and canning to grow.

For canning we use a bespoke Cask canning line. This is a high end canning line, equipped with various mechanics like a UV tunnel that minimize the amount of quality problems in cans. 

Quality Control

Nowadays we also have a small laboratory at the brewery that helps us make sure the beers you drink are of the highest quality. Basically all beers we brew are tested in various ways – for example the amount of dissolved oxygen is measured. We incubate our beers to see how they stand storage in various temperatures – it is always the best to store beer in cold though! We have recently also bought a centrifuge which both quickens the maturation process as well as stabilizes the ready beer.