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Brewery equipment for sale!

During our brewery move to Helsinki we updated a lot of our brewing equipment. Now it’s time to let the previous brew kit find a new home!

The following equipment is for sale:

2000L Brewery Kit
Includes 2400L electric brewing kettle, 1560L Mash tun, 4900L electric hot water tank, 2400L conical fermenter, glycol chiller, plate heat exchanger, 3 pumps and an automated wort collection system.
= 36.500€ (VAT 0%)

2550L Electric hot water tank, wood clad
= 3000€ (VAT 0%)

3 x 1000L Bright beer tanks modified for fermentation
= 4000€ (price for all three, VAT 0%)

500L Steel milk tank
= 500€ (VAT 0%)

Labeling kit:
ELF Labeler (2200 cans or bottles/h)
Batch Coder (hotfoil)
Conveyor belt (was used to connect to the SAMS canning line)
Stand for the ELF
= 12.000€ (VAT 0%)

-All the equipment is sold as is. The brewhouse is fully operational and was used until the move (Dec 2021).
-The three Bright beer tanks are sold as a package, they can’t be purchased individually. They require a small amount of pressure for sealing as they were taken out of production a year ago.
-The conical tank glycol jacket is damaged but doesn’t affect performance or functionality – it was used until the move (Dec 2021).
-The equipment is in Tuusula, Finland. We can load them on a truck for shipping for a small fee (crane rental). Shipping is not included.

You can find full sized photos of the equipment HERE.


You can find full sized photos of the equipment HERE.