The new CoolHead Brew premises in Viikki start to open during the spring of 2021.

Our new home is a unique 1447m2 glass building that was originally used as an indoor tropical garden known as Gardenia. We are currently renovating the space – there’s a lot to do as it was originally built for a very different purpose and it has been out of use for a few years now 😉

In addition to the actual brewery space we will be opening a taproom, a restaurant, a gigantic terrace as well as a few other surprises. These will be opening in stages – first ones already during the spring of 2021.

This video was shot late fall 2020 when we received the keys. It shows how the building looks like before renovation and what we are planning for the different rooms and areas. Stay tuned to news about the opening – spring is just around the corner 😉

Video by: Juuso Paloniemi