What We Do

CoolHead is a Finnish new wave craft brewery specialized in sour beers.

Founded in 2016 and currently employing ten people, our mission is to put Finland in the craft beer world map. We are working towards our goal by only releasing interesting, top-quality beers that we love to drink ourselves.

Our brewery is in Tuusula, about 30 kilometers from Helsinki, right at the source of the purest water in the world. We brew around 200.000 liters per year, focusing on Nordic Sours, IPA’s and high-ABV / BA-products.

CoolHead is all about the Nordic and exotic clashing. In our beers you can taste the clean, crisp and minimalistic notes resembling the Nordic nature, but also the fresh, colourful and exciting taste of the tropics. 

We have no rules for creativity, no boundaries, no regrets. Keep your cool, have a CoolHead!

This Is Us

Cleber Goncalves

Petteri Hänninen

Pietari Kruus

Aleksi Saikkonen

Olli Mikkonen

Gowrishankar Ganeshram

Timo Asikainen

Joonas Kekki

Dina Rauhalahti

Sudar Krishnam

Rasmus Suikki